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Conference of SSOR




Profile of Department

   Department of Statistics is the scientific and educational institution, which members focus on the development of teaching and application of a wide range of statistical fields in the use of statistical software systems in the socio economic field.

   Department of Statistics provides teaching the subjectate Statistics at all faculties of the University of Economics and in all forms of study. It is responsible for study of specialization in Applied Statistics. From the academic year 2007/2008 responsible for an accredited degree program Statistical methods in economics at II. stage study in the course 3.3.24 quantitative methods in economics.

   Studying in the program will provide methodological expertise of a wide range of statistical analysis procedures and techniques as well as knowledge of the possibilities and conditions of their applications, especially in the economic, social, demographic respectively. in other areas.

   This currently high demanded combination of knowledge, creates the preconditions for its application in the analysis of skilled and modeling of complex economic and social causal relationships and the creation of probability statistics and predictive models for decision-making and management of the practice.

   Has sufficient skills to use the program's statistical analysis systems (SAS, SPSS, Statgraphics ...), which are indispensable for the application of advanced statistical techniques in economic and social analysis.

   Graduate of study program statistical methods in economics scientifically receive professional training of university educated economist - statistics that will allow him to apply to the headquarters of state statistics, particularly in the professions:

  • methodologist for the creation of statistical indicators,
  • analyst in the national-economic analysis,
  • in the regional structures of state statistics,
  • in the institutions of economics practice, enterprises, financial institutions, government departments, research institutions and
  • in the tertiary sector.

   In scientific research and publishing activities are aimed Department statistics on the development and application of statistical methods to solve the current problems of socio-economic practices. In recent years, focuses on issues of statistical analysis of the labor market, the social situation of households, wage developments, the insurance market, quality control, etc.

   The department is responsible for doctoral studies in the scientific field 62-11-9 Statistics, which is designed to prepare scientific and technical personnel capable of apply a wide range of statistical methods for analysis on the micro-and macro-economic level. 




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