Wednesday 06.20.2018


Conference of SSOR





Operations Research Econometrics
 - software  - software
 NEOS Guide  Econometric Software
 Interesting Sites  Econometrics Laboratory Software Archive - Berkeley
 - journals  - journals
 Central European Journal of Operations Research  Econometrica
 European Journal of Operational Research  Journal of Econometrics
 International Abstracts in Operations Research  The Econometrics Journal
 YUgoslav Journal of Operations Research  Advances in Econometrics
 Mathematical Programming Society Newsletter  Applied Economics
 SIAM Journal on Optimization  Econometric Theory
 Journal of Operational Research Society of Italy  Econometric Reviews
 Annals of Operations Research  Current Contents Journals in Economics
 - university research centers  - university research centers
 MIT Operations Research Center - Cambridge  Econometric Links - summary
 Operations Research Centre - University of Louvain  Resources for Economists on the Internet
 Stanford University - Optimization Laboratory  Econometric Department of Erasmus University
 WebEc Mathematical and Quantitative Methods  US Office of Management and Budget 
 Operations Research INFORMS Resources  Academic Economics Departments - US
 - scientific societies  - scientific societies
 Slovak Society for Operations Research  Econometric Society
 Czech Society for Operations Research  The Czech Econometric Society
 The Association of European Operational Research Societies  
 International Federation of Operational Research Societies  
 Institute for Operations Research and the Manag. Sciences  
 British Society for Operations Research  Sources of Economic Data






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